DAY 1 (11/29/2017)

09.30 - 11.30 PANEL DISCUSSION №1

"Current state and development trends of the Russian and global pulp and paper industry"

Key issues:

  • Development trends in global pulp and paper industry; pulp and paper markets; prospects of changing product niches and products market segments;
  • Status of Russian pulp and paper industry; prospects of export and import, place and role of Russian pulp and paper in the development of global pulp and paper industry;
  • Factors affecting new capacities deployment and prospects for domestic pulp and paper industry.

12.00 - 13.30 PANEL DISCUSSION №2

"Investment opportunities and prospects. Financing of enterprises and industry investments"

Key issues:

  • Current status of investments in Russian pulp and paper industry;
  • Investment attractiveness of Russian pulp and paper industry, strengths, opportunities and threats, key investment issues;
  • How do financial organizations see Russian pulp and paper industry, state support to investment project / initiatives;
  • Project financing in Pulp and paper industry;
  • What is more attractive: "greenfield" or “brownfield” construction?

15.00 - 16.45 PANEL DISCUSSION №3

"New technologies & new opportunities. Interaction between Russian and foreign companies”

Key issues:

  • Trends in pulp and paper industry development, new types of products;
  • Issues of personnel and science;
  • Modernization of mills;
  • Modern approach to operation, maintenance.

DAY 2 (11/30/2017)

09.30 - 11.00 PANEL DISCUSSION №4

"Ecological and energy issues in the pulp and paper industry"

Key issues:

  • Possibilities and threats of BAT, problems of BAT implementation;
  • Environmental issues of pulp and paper industry, emission and discharge norms;
  • Recycled fiber utilization;
  • Green energy potential role in the Russian fuel and energy complex development strategy;
  • Rules of the Wholesale Electric Power Market and existing restrictions for pulp and paper mills;
  • Problems and prospects of development of own power generation in pulp and paper industry enterprises;
  • Network connection and regulatory framework for energy sector;
  • Energy consumption in the pulp and paper industry and its effect on economy; energy tariffs.

11.30 - 13.00 PANEL DISCUSSION №5

"Supply of resources to pulp and paper industry enterprises"

Key issues:

  • Russian forest resources: their economical and administrative accessibility for enterprises and projects;
  • Changes in legislation, wood supply to pulp and paper industry enterprises and priority investment projects;
  • Strategy for intensive forest management and forest regeneration;
  • Problems of actual forest data (forest management planning) and cadastral registration;
  • Recycled fiber market: availability and state regulation.

14.15 - 16.00 PANEL DISCUSSION №6

"Strategy development of Russian Forest Complex – Summary of elaboration work. Development strategies of industrial players."


Conference Programme 2017 - Detailed version - UPDATED 2-Nov-2017(Russian language - English Version coming soon)

29th - 30th November 2017


Conference Programme 2017

29th - 30th November 2017