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                                     Be in good health          “By 2030, growth of the Russian pulp and paper industry production
                                     dear readers!               by 8.3 million tons is possible, including: market pulp — by
                                                                 5.7 million tons, tissue products — by 0.4 million tons, packaging

                                    In the pandemic, it was this simple   paper and cardboard — by 0.26 million tons, writing and printing
                                     Russian greeting that became the most   paper — by 0.45 million tons. At the same time, it is clear that over
                                     desirable in its original meaning. Now,  two years the government’s expectations from the pulp and paper

                                     when life every moment confronts us   industry have significantly decreased. Time will tell how accurate
                                     with new trials, we sincerely wish you   the figures stated in the latest version are. However, in my opinion,
                                     good health! All of Russia has felt the  the key predictions in this document already look erroneous: there
                                     detrimental impact of COVID-19. Both   is a clear underestimation for packaging paper and cardboard
                                     people and industry and our industry   and overestimation for writing and printing paper and market pulp.

                                     is no exception. And despite the   Most likely, industry specialists would be interested to know the
                  fact that a lot has already been said about the consequences of  methods of the key figures calculations, which appear in such
                  the pandemic for the industry and each of us, I am sure that all   important documents. And if they are correct, then the calculation

                  these forecasts are too virtual and far from the real, profound   error cannot be 50%. It is very important that everyone — from
                  consequences of the current situation. In fact, they await us and   a specialist to the owner of the enterprise — participates in the
                  will be felt not only in the short term, but also for many years to   development of a strategy and other project or program aimed at
        6         come. However, it should be noted that the growth in demand and   the industry development. Because it depends on them, you and

                  prices for timber products in the last few quarters has allowed   me, dear colleagues, how much resulting forecasts correspond to

                  most industry players to show solid financial results. Nevertheless,  the future of the industry, country and each of us. So far, words
                  I would like to remember what happened before... What was the   and deeds in the Russian pulp and paper industry do not always
                  state of the industry before the pandemic? In this regard, I invite   correspond to each other, and, despite numerous announcements

                  you to recall a very interesting document called “Russian Forestry   of large-scale pulp production projects, last pulp and paper mill
                  Complex Development Strategy by 2030”. This document, important   in Russia was built more than 45 years ago. But I hope that the
                  for the industry, began to be developed more than 5 years ago.  meaningful cooperation of industry professionals and competent
                  It was signed in the form Statement of Russian Government   politicians will bring closer the development of a realistic strategy
                  No. 1989-r dated September 20, 2018, and even then many experts  that will allow the industry to grow, find a balance between

                  pointed out its downsides. The document began to be revised, and   laws, business and nature! In the meantime, I suggest you have
                  on February 11, 2021, the next revision was signed — Statement  a pleasant time reading the main branch magazine about the pulp
                  of Russian Government No. 312-r. Undoubtedly, this document is   and paper industry!
                  of great importance for the industry, since it spells out all the key  I wish everyone health and strength in this difficult time!

                  aspects of the industry status, as well as ambitious plans until
                  2030. But even the revised “Development Strategy” is surprising                  Best regards,
                  about the forecast of the potential for increasing the production            Alexander Chukhlebov,
                                                                                                    ASPPI, Chairman
                  of pulp and paper production. It contains the following statement:

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