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                                        Good afternoon,
                                        dear readers!

                                        More than a year has passed since our last meeting on the pages of our journal, where we
                                        discussed the consequences of COVID-19 for the domestic pulp and paper industry. Today, we live
                                        in a new geopolitical reality that presents us with new challenges. Although statistics indicate

                                        a moderate reduction in production capacities since 2021, Russian pulp and paper enterprises
                                        continue to demonstrate high resilience to external challenges.
                                        When foreign companies, key suppliers of equipment, chemical reagents, and service services,

                                        left  Russia  in  2022–2023,  we  were  faced  with  a  complex  situation.  The  lack  of  sufficient
                                        scientific support, the acute shortage of innovative technologies, and strategic directions for the
                                        development of the industry became apparent. This turn of events underscored the urgent need to
                        strengthen internal resources and develop our own original solutions for a sustainable present and a promising future

                        of the industry.
                        The need for young and ambitious specialists, ready to contribute fresh ideas to the development of the pulp and paper
                        industry, is becoming increasingly evident. However, we are faced with a staffing problem: the youth are not as eager

                        to pursue specialized education in this field, leading to a shortage of qualified specialists in factories, design institutes,
              6         and scientific institutions.

                        That is why this year, ASPPI launched a program of demonstrative tours to industry enterprises for students of leading
                        Russian institutes to familiarize themselves with new technologies and interact with professionals. The first trip, which

                        took place in September of this year, included visits to active enterprises in the Republic of Belarus. We plan to continue
                        this initiative next year by visiting enterprises in the central part of Russia.
                        We believe in the potential of our industry and see our role in its popularization among the youth. But for now, I invite

                        you to enjoy reading the main industry journal about the pulp and paper industry!
                                                                                                      Anastasia Kulagina
                                                                                                          ASPPI President

                        PULP & PAPER INDUSTRY                                 1 / 12 / 2023
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