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From 4th to 8th of September 2023, the Association of Specialists of the Pulp and paper Industry(ASPPI) organised a study tour for bachelors, masters, Phd students and associate professor of the following universities: Higher School of Technology and Energy (HSTE), Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology (Reshetnev University), Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU) to the pulp and paper mills of the Republic of Belarus: OJSC “Svetlogorsk Pulp and Paper Mill” and RUE “Zavod Gazetnoy Bumagi” (newsprint plant).

This trip provided an opportunity for students to get acquainted with the production process and technologies, expand their knowledge, and ask questions to specialists during excursions and lectures at the mills - Anastasia Kulagina. 


OJSC "Svetlogorsk Pulp and Cardboard Mill"  is a large manufacturer of bleached kraft pulp, corrugated board, corrugated boxes and other products from primary and secondary paper fibers.The enterprise has a high level of automation and mechanization of technological processes, has high production capacity, its own raw material base, highly qualified employees. The group of students visited the production and saw the manufactured products. The chief technologist Alexander Govorushko told about its properties, purpose and markets. A tour to the new production facility with high-tech equipment commissioned in 2020 was organized for the students. Alexander Govorushko showed all the stages of production of bleached kraft pulp.

RUE "ZAVOD GAZETNOY BUMAGI" (newsprint plant)  is the largest producer of paper products in the Republic of Belarus. "The first impression of the enterprise is that everywhere is clean, everything looks modern and bright," said Ivan  Artamonov, a graduate student leading the delegation. - The second is the unusually friendly people who met us and told us a very interesting story about the production of different types of paper".

Despite the fact that the business part of the trip program was very intense, the students had time for leisure. In their spare time they studied historical sights of Svetlogorsk, Vitebsk, Shklov, Mogilev and the surrounding areas, familiarized themselves with the specific features of the Belarusian national kitchen and traditions. The university administrations thanked the Association of Paper Industry Specialists and personally Anastasia Kulagina, Daniil Guzev, Denis Subbotin for the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the advanced pulp and paper industries of the Union State. The most sincere gratitude from the participants of the trip is also addressed to the management of OJSC "Svetlogorsk Pulp and Paper Mill" and RUE "ZAVOD GAZETNOY BUMAGI"  for the warmest welcome, as well as to all those who conducted excursions and organized the cultural program during the trip. "Our trip will remain an unforgettable experience of professional exchange and friendly communication," concluded Anastasia Kulagina.

The cheif editor of Pulp & Paper industry magazine asked several questions to the participants of the study trip to find out their impressions, as well as the views of future industry professionals on paper and paperboard production at OJSC"Svetlogorsk Pulp and Cardboard Mill" and RUE "ZAVOD GAZETNOY BUMAGI". You will be able to read the interview of students and graduate students, as well as Viktor Kozhukhov - Associate Professor of Siberian State University of Science and Technology (Reshetnev University), MAPT Department, in our next issue No.1 (12) 2023.  Еhe new magazine is scheduled to be released in November 2023.

The following students and postgraduate students participated in the conversation with Pulp&Paper Industry magazine:

  • Evgeny Toptunov, 2nd year PhD student, technologies, machinery and equipment for forestry and wood processing, NArFU;
  • Vasily Medvedev, 3rd year PhDstudent, chemical technology of wood processing, NArFU;
  • Anna Lyzhina, Master's student, 1st year, chemical technology of wood processing, NArFU;
  • Anastasia Skornyakova, Bachelor, 4th year, chemical technology of wood processing, NArFU;
  • Eva Kolosova, 3rd year bachelor, SibSU (Reshetnev University);
  • Ivan Artamonov, 4th year PhD student, chemical technology, technology and equipment of chemical processing of wood biomass; wood chemistry, HSTE.

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